Tips for a Hassle-Free Skip Bin Hire Permit Acquisition

Skip bins are critical to any business that frequently produces waste, such as a restaurant. The containers offer abundant space to dispose of recyclable and non-recyclable waste without taking up space in your premises. Moreover, skip bins help keep the environment around a business hygienic, not to mention enhancing the air quality. While a company can buy its skip bins, it is advisable to rent. Renting keeps operational costs low, thereby boosting profits. However, a business needs a permit to place rental skip bins on council property. Unfortunately, applying for skip bin permits can be long and frustrating. However, you can use the following tips to evade the trouble.

Hire Mobile Skip Bins

Rental companies offer different skip bins to customers, including mobile containers. Mobile skip bins are pretty different from standard models because they have wheels. It means that you can place them anywhere and retrieve them any time you want. However, the most significant advantage of hiring mobile skip bins is that you do not have to apply for a permit from the local council. The reason is that mobile skip bins are mounted on trailers already registered with the council. Thus, a mobile skip bin can be classified as a car, meaning you can park it anywhere as long as you follow parking rules and regulations.

Hire Council Skip Bins

Many people do not know that local councils in Australia also rent out skip bins to private businesses. It is a way for the local councils to collect revenue for their operations. One advantage of council skip bin rentals is that they are cheaper since they are subsidised. However, the fact that the rental skip bins also come with a permit means that you spend less time and money. Yet, you still need proper documentation to speed up permit approval when renting council skip bins. Besides, when hiring a skip bin from a private service provider, you still have to go to the local council offices to apply for a permit.

Apply Early via Website

Almost all processes in public institutions have been automated, meaning you can visit a local council website and request or apply for whatever document you need. You can do the same with skip bin hire permits to speed up the verification and approval. However, delays in issuing a permit mean that you cannot use a skip bin although you have already paid a rental company. Thus, starting the application and hiring process simultaneously rather than waiting until you have secured skip bins is a better strategy. It ensures that a permit is approved at the same time your skip bin is delivered.

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