How to Keep Your Kids Safe Around a Skip Bin

When you are renovating or clearing out your home with kids around, the risk of injury increases. That goes for both you and your children. However, skip bins do provide you with the convenience of onsite rubbish disposal. And, once full, your skip bin provider can take your skip bin away whenever you need.

However, children do have a habit of getting overly curious at times. This means you'll need to keep them safe while you dispose of your renovation or household waste. Use the following tips to ensure your children are safe around your skip bin hire.

Prepare the Skip Bin Location Beforehand

Where are you going to place your skip bin? This is an important consideration because if you plan to place your skip bin on your property, such as in your driveway, you need to ensure your children won't be able to get to it. If your driveway is accessible to your children, for safety's sake, you may want to place your skip bin on the nature strip outside your home instead.

Moreover, make sure that the surface you are placing your skip bin on is level. You don't want to leave any gaps under your skip bin where children might get trapped.

Plan Your Disposal Route

You'll also need to plan the route from your home to the skip bin. For instance, in a household full of kids, using the main entrance might be too risky if your kids are coming in and out. Instead, plan to go through the garage, leaving the garage door open for easy disposal.

Load Heavy Items on the Bottom

Always place the heaviest items into your skip bin first. You don't want to have any large, bulky items precariously balanced on top of your skip bin load where they might fall off later. In addition, try to break up large bulky items like cupboards; otherwise, they may stick out of the skip bin at dangerous angles.

Place a Temporary Fence Around Your Bin

A surefire way to ensure your kids are safe around a skip bin is to stop them from reaching it. You can do this with temporary fencing. If you don't have any fencing material handy, you can use thick tape to seal areas off, or a row of clothes horses secured in position so your children can't pull them down if they get extra curious.

Are you planning to hire a skip bin to dispose of renovation or household rubbish? Then make sure you plan to keep your kids safe before you begin disposing of your rubbish.

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